May 17, 2009


One of my favourite mediums for creating jewellery is chainmaille, a medieval art once used in the making of armour. One of the things I love about maille are the fact that there are so many different weaves, with new weaves being invented all the time.

One of my favourite weaves is Dragonscale. Using two different sized rings, with the rings slightly overlapping each other it resembles the scales that you would see on a fish, a mermaid, and of course a dragon.

Two of the pieces that I have made using the dragonscale weave show how versatile weaves can be. The first is a traditional dragonscale weave bracelet, closely interlocking rings making for a beautiful, solid, slinky looking bracelet. The second I have called Dragonscale Diamonds. Using sightly larger rings leaving the weave slightly more open that the first chain, I have then shaped the sides of the bracelet to create my diamond shapes.

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