Oct 4, 2010

October Birthstone - Opal

The birthstone for October is the Opal. Opal, my absolutely favourite gemstone, can be called the most mysterious of all gemstones.Every opal is different and individual. Opal derives its name from the Latin word "opalus" meaning 'to see a change of colour'. Romans adored the opal as a token of hope and purity, Eastern people regarded it as sacred and Arabs believed it fell from heaven.

I currently have two pieces using Opals from Australia, the major source of the world's opals today. Both pieces use Boulder Opal:

Boulder Opal and Sterling Necklace

Double Boulder Opal and Pendant

Here are some more examples of opal pieces, from members of the Jet, Dust, and Cast teams on Etsy.


Rustique Art said...

Sharon...Thank you for adding my Beaded Cross Key Ring! I am honored that you chose one of my designs.

Rebecca - Fuchsia Bloom Studio said...

thanks for including my necklace here! It is amazing all the colors and varieties that opal comes in!


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