May 11, 2011

Sterling Silver Egyptian Coil Bracelet

I just love using techniques that I know have been used since way back in history, the medieval era for my chainmaille, the viking era for my viking weave (surprise, surprise), but none of the techniques that I use can claim to go back further than the Egyptian Coil. Examples of this technique were found in the ancient royal tombs of Egypt and date back some 3000 years or so.

Originally made in solid gold, the links from this technique were used to make belts and other jewelry accessories, and these links are still popular in jewelry today.

Having previously used this technique to make a bracelet in copper I just had to have another go, this time using sterling silver. I have kept the overall design of the bracelet very simple, merely adjusting the links slightly at either end in order to incorporate a hook and eye style clasp. So there it is, my Sterling Silver Egyptian Coil Bracelet.

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