Jul 5, 2011

A Bit of Fancy

The star of my new wired bangle, Eudialyte and Garnet Fancy Wired Bangle, is most definitely the stone. I fell in love with the Eudialyte gemstone the minute I saw it with its gorgeous deep red markings. Eudialtye, as I discovered, is a fairly rare gemstone originally discovered in Greenland, but now more commonly mined in Russia.

I decided to set the stone into a bangle, and decided to use a fancy wire setting for the stone. Trialling various other gemstones, and even crystals against the Eudialyte I decided that the Garnets were the stone that produced the best match and that most complimented the Eudialyte.

I then used both sterling and 14k gold fill wire for the bangle which I then set the stone into. The wires that set the stone were then used to create spirals and swirls and also to add the garnets. The sides of the bangle were then shaped to give some balance against the focal.

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