Oct 23, 2011

Sunday Theme - Mixed Metals

It used to be that you should never mix your metals when wearing jewellery - you either wore silver or you wore gold - but you never, ever, wore the two together. I can certainly remember being told that when I was younger.

Well, times have changed. These days, it is perfectly acceptable to wear more than one metal at the same time, in fact it is one of today's modern trends. More than that, these days there are some great jewellery designs that incorporate more than one metal into the same piece of jewellery. My Stripy Silver and Gold Viking Weave Bangle, pictured above, is one example. This mixes Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.

Here are some more great examples of Mixed Metal Jewellery from some members of the Jet Team:


Rough Magic Creations said...

Oh, how I love mixed and mixing metals!

And I'm thrilled and honored to be featured in this wonderful post! Thank You so much!!!!!

Isn't it great how times have changed since we couldn't mix it up?

SilverSmack said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for including my spinner ring.

Your Daily Jewels said...

Great post and gorgeous mixed metal pieces!

Brooke said...

This is a great post and I enjoyed seeing all these beautiful examples of mixed metals. Thanks so much for including my bangle!

Made By Tammy said...

Fantastic Post and Jewelry!


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