Mar 20, 2012

A to Z of Gemstones - G is for Gaspeite

Gaspeite is a very rare nickel carbonate mineral named after the place it was first discovered, in the Gaspé Peninsula in Eastern Canada. Specimens have also been found in New Mexico in the United States and in Western Australia.Gaspeite is typically a pale to bright green colour that is often referred to as 'apple green'.

Gaspeite was initially discarded as a worhless byproduct in the mining of Nickel Sulfide but it has been gaining popularity within the gem market. This is partly due to its rarity and partly due to its resemblance to the rare green turquoise.

As a fairly recent discovery in 1966, Gaspeite has no known folk lore although it is believed Aborigines used Gaspeite to bring about good fortune.

Below are some beautiful examples of Gaspeite Jewellery found on Etsy:


Lita said...

Awesome! Thank you for including my handmade silver earrings set with Gaspeite. I love working with it and educating people about the rock.

Resa said...

Great blog! Gaspeite has some of the most gorgeous greens found in minerals!! Thank you for including my Gaspeite necklace.


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