Sep 7, 2014

One of the things that I like about the Etsy Online Marketplace is the ability to create "treasurys". These are effectively a group of 16 items, all available for sale on the Etsy site that have been curated together into one collection or treasury. Usually there will be a common theme between all the items, often colour but can just as easily be something else. It can be great fun to curate a treasury, exploring the different items that are available, and I often find new favourites that way. Equally of course it is thrilling when someone had chosen one of your items for their treasury.

The treasury pictured above is one that I have curated and titled "Colours of Summer". All items are coloured coral and turquoise.

The treasury pictured below was curated by another Etsy member and includes one of my items, my Blue Lace Agate Pendant. The treasury is titled "Blue Skies" and all the items in the treasury are coloured sky blue.

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