Nov 10, 2009

Musical Quaver Pendant

If you have read some of my earlier posts you will know that as well as being a Jewellery Designer I am also a musician playing both the violin and piano.

As such, I have for a time now wanted to incorporate a "Musical Collection" into my jewellery designs. Well, I now have my first design in what will be my collection.

I have started simple with a pendant in the form of a "quaver". The base or 'note' of the quaver has been formed with a Swarovski Crystal Rivoli wrapped in sterling silver. The silver wire then continues to form the stem and the tail of the quaver.

So, here it is - my Musical Quaver Pendant.


Little Waltz said...

Oh i'm going to love this new collection I'm sure! I'm a music teacher, playing the violin and piano as well. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection!!

CathyH said...

Love it! I'm a guitar instructor and performer. Looking forward to your collection!


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