Apr 5, 2010

Diamond Chainmaille Necklace & Earrings

One of the PMC pieces I had made was a diamond shape pendant. Almost from the beginning I had determined that this was going to be a pendant on a chainmaille necklace. One of the weaves that lends itself well to making diamond shapes is the Euro 4 in 1. So I decided to make two smaller chainmaille diamonds to hang on either side of the pmc diamond. I then decided to make the chain sideways so that the flow of the weave was across the chain (top to bottom) rather than down the length of the chain.

So, after cutting all the sterling rings that I needed I completed my Sterling Silver Diamond Chainmaille Necklace, and then made a pair of Diamond Chainmaille Earrings to match.


Jay said...

Really awesome jewelries hoping to find it at Diamond NJ stores.

Jemma said...

Saw this IRL today, it has a nice heavy feel to it and looks fantastic!

TheBrassHussy said...

such beautiful chainmaille jewelry!


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