Apr 18, 2010

Silver and Gold Zig Zag Bangle

The idea for this bangle came to me while I was creating my opal necklace. I could see that a zig zag pattern was forming while I was wire wrapping one of the links for the necklace. Although I had used this style of wrapping before, I had never done so with so many wires, and so the pattern hadn't been so obvious.

Anyway, having decided to make the zig zag pattern the main focal of a piece, I thought it would be good to have the contrast and so immediately decided it would look great combining the two colours of silver and gold together.

The bangle is therefore made with base wires in sterling silver and the wrapping (zig zag) wire in 14k gold fill. Finishing off the bangle with a built in clasp makes it very easy to open and close.

So - My Silver and Gold Zig Zag Bangle!


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