Sep 11, 2010

A Bit of Druzy

I have been fascinated by Druzy stones ever since I first realised they existed. These are stones containing crystals that have been naturally formed within the earth, creating a lovely sparkly effect in the stones.

Having had a couple of these stones in my gemstone collection for a while now I have finally used one of them to create a pendant.

Wiring up the pendant in sterling silver wire, the most important aspect of the design for me was to ensure that I used the wires to accent the stone with its gorgeous crystals rather than to detract from it. I therefore decided to use prongs to hold the stone in place so that there was a minimal amount of wire actually holding the stone, and then simply finished the wires at the top of the stone with two simple sweeps in a loop shape.

So here it is, my Druzy Agate and Sterling Silver Pendant.

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