Sep 30, 2010

Blue Kyanite and Gold Flower Necklace

I bought some gorgeous Kyanite last year and have finally used them in my latest necklace. The gemstones are AAA+ quality marquise cut gemstones so I wanted to come up with a design that would really showcase them.

I had been toying with the idea of making flowers with them for a while but knew that being briolettes I would somehow need to secure the base of each gemstone. I finally came up with the idea of weaving the wire across the inner end of each petal, just enough to secure the stone, leaving the rest of it free.

Securing five petals on each flower I then wirewrapped a topaz bead into the centre of each flower to represent the stamen.

I made five flowers and then linked them together with jumprings. The flowers are then suspended from a simple chain, thereby allowing them to be the sole focal of the necklace.

And so here it is - my Blue Kyanite and Gold flower Necklace.

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