Mar 14, 2011

Charoite and Lampwork Gold Wired Necklace

Having purchased some gorgeous ivory and mauve lampwork beads from Debbie of Debbie Does Beads I needed to ensure that I did them justice.

I decided that the colour of the beads, in particular the ivory, lent themselves much better to gold than silver. Having tried several combinations of gemstones with the beads I also decided that the charoite was a perfect match.

Being a wire worker I had also decided that I wanted some wirework to also feature in the necklace as well as the lampwork beads. I therefore decided on two double wire wrapped motifs to be twisted into shape.

Because the lampwork beads were a mix of size and shapes I also decided that using some of the bigger beads to form a drop at the front of the necklace, with the charoite would be a good idea, and of course, v-style necklaces tend to be a popular design. The charoite beads were then used to form a chain to complete the necklace.

So, my Charoite and Lampwork Gold Wired Necklace was designed!

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