Jan 30, 2014

Getting Photos Up to Date


One of the things that I have to confess I am really bad at keeping up to date with is taking pictures of my completed jewellery. As a result I end up with quite a bit of jewellery for sale that hasn't ever been uploaded into any of my online stores. There have even been occasions when I have sold items of jewellery at markets that I have never taken a picture of.

Since I currently have quite a few pieces of jewellery completed but never photographed I therefore decided it was time to take myself in hand and get my photo taking up to date. To be honest I am not there yet, but at least I now have photos of all my earrings. As such I have been gradually adding new pairs of earrings to my Etsy store. Those pictured here are just three of the pairs of earrings that have been listed in the last few days.


Several more earrings have been listed including quite a few different variations of my V Style earrings. Now all I need to do is take photos of the remaining pieces of jewellery yet to be photographed. Watch this space!

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