Mar 23, 2014

Lampwork Owl Pendant
One of the materials that I love to work with is Lampwork Beads. These are beads that are individually handmade. When still in Brisbane I was lucky enough that one of the women who came to our monthly Brisbane beading meet, Debbie, was a lampworker, and so I was able to buy several lovely beads off her.

The bead that I used in my latest pendant is no exception. This is an absolutely gorgeous owl bead. The eyes are pronounced in a rich blue colour, as are the feet, with the main body and wing picked out in a mixture of shades including brown, beige and yellow.

Having such a lovely bead I anted to ensure that I framed it properly, with the silver wires helping to accent the focal bead. The wires were also placed in such a way as to ensure that the owl was fixed facing forward. With the swirls and coils and a mixture of weaving techniques I have hopefully created a frame worthy of the owl bead that helps to show how special it is.

Newly listed, this owl pendant is now available on my etsy store.

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