Mar 17, 2014

Turkish Round Chainmaille

Turkish Round is one of those chainmaille weaves that is relatively easy to do, compared with some of the other weaves, and yet looks so elaborate and fancy. In actual fact I would almost describe Turkish Round as a cross between roundmaille and byzantine as it uses the 'folding rings back' feature of byzantine but is built up as a round weave in a similar way to roundmaille.

I recently completed the above bracelet, now available in my Etsy store, in a chainmaille marathon, preparing pieces ready for a medieval market. As you can see, it is a gorgeous looking bracelet.

The piece pictured below was a necklace that I made in the Turkish round weave using bronze rings. Since the weave was a bit to thick to go around the back of the neck the ends of the chain were in inverted round weave, This necklace has since been sold.

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