Apr 5, 2014

Chainmaille and Wire Supplies

A new venture that I am currently working on, and will be over the next few months, is to supply chainmaille and wire working supplies, kits and tools in New Zealand.
Initially I will be listing tools on Trade Me, the NZ equivalent of EBay (and much more used in New Zealand than EBay). I have already set up an arrangement to stock Beadsmith supplies and already have my first supply of tools to sell.
Then in time I will be setting up a website, as a compliment to my jewellery website (which will also be updated to a commercial site), on which I will sell the tools and supplies.
In terms of supplies I initially plan to sell sterling silver wire, jump rings for chainmaille, handmade ear wires and balled head pins, and a small range of complimentary accessories such as clasps.
I also plan to make up and sell chainmaille kits, with instructions, as well as a few other jewellery making kits, primarily concentrating on wire work.
The other area I hope to expand in is teaching jewellery making. I will be looking at doing this locally, and potentially as a party plan. Various tools, supplies etc. will also be made available for purchase at these classes.
Although there are already a few online stores in NZ selling beading supplies none of them focus on wire or chainmaille, and I've yet to find a domestic source for sterling silver wire, so hopefully this is a niche that I can fill.
I will update as things happen but in the meantime I now have all the tools pictured above for sale.

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