Apr 18, 2014

Lemon Chrysoprase Earrings


When it comes to wire wrapping cabochons I much prefer using them to make pendants rather than earrings - and there is a very good reason. Trying to wrap two cabochons identically so that the wirework matches exactly for each stone is practically impossible. It doesn't seem to matter how well you measure, mark and plan the wire, there will just about always be minor differences.

My latest earrings pictured above, my Lemon Chrysoprase and Sterling Silver Earrings, are no exception. Even looking at the picture above I am wondering how I missed the slight kink of the wires on one earring that is not on the other. Slight tweaks with the pliers needed tonight I think.Of course, at the end of the day that is the beauty of handmade items as opposed to machine made items.

Anyway, the stones used in these earrings are just beautiful and these aren't the first pair of earrings I have made using these stones. I believe the last pair were snapped up pretty quickly. The chrysoprase is a lovely pale lemon colour and is so smooth to the touch. The sterling silver wire used to wrap the stones has then been twisted to form the sweeps across the top of the stone.

So there you have it, my slightly imperfect pair of Lemon Chrysoprase Earrings.


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