May 6, 2014

Pendants Complete!

Well, after a very busy weekend I now have 15 new gemstone pendants ready to go on sale in the Handmade shop. Most have been done using cabochons but 3 have been made with uncut gemstones. All have been made with sterling silver, most with square wire but a few with round wire.

I was asked whether these were my own designs, and yes they are. To be honest, although I have a general formula I tend to use for wrapping cabs, especially when like this I'm making a lot at once, once the stone is wrapped I just play with the wire on each pendant, deciding as I go what to do with each one.

With the stones that are more just a plain colour I am more likely to have the wires sweeping across the stone, using the stone as a backdrop for the wire. However, the more ornate or patterned a stone is, the less I will have the wires going across the stone, instead trying to use them more to enhance it.

Thus you can see from these two pictures that no two pendants are the same in terms of the wire wrapping/decorating.

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