Jan 4, 2010

Monday Feature

Well, after a bit of an absence its time to start doing my Monday features again. I'm starting off the new year with a feature on some fellow BrisStyle members, Bec and Jade of Wheres Becky Bean.

Bec and Jade, two sisters, are both stay at home mums who have a passion for both sewing and for bags. They have a strong commitment to ethical consumption, and carry this belief through their design and construction process as they create their bags.

Each of Bec and Jade's bags is made from a large component of sustainable materials, including reclaimed textiles, vintage linens, trim, buttons and even men's ties. They also support local designers who create new fabrics using environmentally friendly processes, such as using organic cottons and linens, and hemp fabrics, and doing hand screenprints using environmentally friendly solvent free inks.

WheresBeckyBean has a lovely range of bags, from their latest range using recycled coffee sacks, to their earlier reversible handbags, to some great market totes, theres something for everyone.

1 comment:

Bec said...

Wow Sharon, thanks so much for some a wonderful feature of our shop! You've motivated me to get off my butt and actually do some more sewing (have been SO slack these holidays!!). By the way, I've had so many lovely comments on the bracelet of yours that I've been wearing since the BiDM. It has become one of my favs. Cheers, Bec :)


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