Jan 28, 2010

New Venture - PMC

Just under 2 weeks ago I did my first weekend workshop in PMC (Precious Metal Clay). The workshop was being run by the very talented Maggie Bergman. As someone who works primarily in silver with my chainmaille and wire work, this seemed the perfect add on.

The workshop was great fun, although never having worked with any sort of clay before it took a while to get the hang of it. What I loved though was the magic of it - torch firing a piece for 3 minutes and seeing it turn from clay to fine silver.

The only real disaster I had was with a ring I made. While I was sanding it in its dry clay form it broke!

Although not yet worked up into jewellery, here are the pieces I made at the workshop (that didn't break!)


maggie said...

Looking good!
Thanks for posting!
Looking forward to seeing them made up into jewellery:)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love working with silver clay! The pieces you made are gorgeous!

I'm keen to try torch firing, I brought my silver clay hot pot kiln back from Japan and can't get the same fuel to fire it. I'm off to check out Maggie's link.

Michele said...

PMC is alot of fun to work with, I find it very fascinating!!


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