Mar 3, 2010

Opal and Sterling Necklace

As you may have gathered from earlier blog posts I am a sucker for opals so when it came to designing a piece in which to showcase some gorgeous boulder opal beads that I had I needed to ensure that the design was totally original and displayed the opals without detracting from them.

I decided to just use silver feeling that I couldn't choose any other beads without detracting from the sparkles of colour in the opal.

I came up with a fuid wrapped design that circles around the opals, the theme then carrying through the rest of the chain to the clasp. I see the design as a modern take on a medieval style.

So here it is, my Boulder Opal and Sterling Necklace.

1 comment:

Asia said...

Very pretty... I love opals too. Got some pieces and still trying to figure out what special piece of jewelry to create with them.
Greetings from Brisi


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