Mar 28, 2010

Sunday Themes - Coral

My theme for this week is Coral. Coral as you will know originally starts life as a marine organism. Harvested from the reefs the "shells" or skeletons of these corals are then used to create the coral material used in jewelry and sculptures etc.

Traditionally a deep red colour, coral can also come in a variety of shades of pink. Coral is now therefore also recognised as a deep red colour.

My piece for this theme uses the colour of coral.

The pieces below, from the JET team all use actual coral.

(L to R, Top to Bottom, LittleBugJewelry, BeadsMe, LotusStone, KatalineJewelry)


SendingLoveGallery said...

Lovely, Shazza!

Beadsme said...

Beautiful Shaz, thanks for adding my creation to your post.

Made By Tammy said...



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