Aug 29, 2010

A Dangerous Website

Dangerous that is - for your pocket - especially if like me you love Opals! The website is Opal Auctions, and it is full - as if you couldn't guess - of opals. While, understandably, the majority of the opals are Australian, there are also opals from other parts of the world. Most of the opals are sold directly by the people who mine them, so in Australia, the sellers are actually based at the main opal sites, such as Cooper Pedy or Lightening Ridge. There is every sort of opal you could imagine - from $1 auctions stones with just a small flash of colour right up to expensive investor stones.

I've started small at the low end of the scale with some boulder opal cabochons as well as a lovely piece of Koroit opal. See Monday's post for the first pendant I have made using these gorgeous stones.

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