Aug 22, 2010

Sunday Themes - Green

With a while between posts, what better way to start back than with another Sunday theme. This time my theme is Green. Green, the colour of all things fresh, a colour closely associated with nature, and with new beginnings.

Two of my favourite pieces in Green are my Entangled - Wire Sculptured Necklace

and my Emerald and Silver Coils Necklace

Here are some other gorgeous items in Green from the BrisStyle team.


shelleyberelli said...

Thanks for including my wristlet in your gorgeous green, um, grouping! (Love the craft cult widget too).

Nel said...

Thanks for including my hat! I do love a rich, bright green... there's something so refreshing about it. :)

Hey Harriet said...

Oooh lovin' all the green! Thanks so much Sharon for including my raccoons xo


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