Aug 30, 2010

Double Boulder Opal Pendant

Two of the first two boulder opals that I bought from the Opal Auctions website I have used to create a pendant.

Rather than just use one stone to make a pendant as I usually do I thought it would be a bit different this time to use two stones, especially with the opals because its double the amount flashes of colour.

Since the base colour of the opals is primarily brown, I thought using gold fill as well as sterling silver wire would help to better the compliment the stones. The outer wrapped wires are therefore in gold fill, twisted to add some extra texture. On this occasion I wanted to ensure that the wires outlined the stones rather swept across them as I didn't want anything to detract from the colour flashes in the opals. I therefore have one lot of wires curving around the outer edge of the top stone and then sweeping across the join between the stones, while the second set of wires has been used to form tight coils above the top opal.

So there you have it - my Double Boulder Opal Pendant.

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