Jun 26, 2011

Making Use of Offcuts

When I am making bangles or pendants with square wire I often end up with too much wire because of wanting to ensure I have allowed enough wire for whatever design I want to end up with. This means that I can end up with off cuts of wire after finishing my design. However, I always put these offcuts of wire away to be used later. One of the great ways I can use these off cuts, depending on the length of wire, is for making simple wrapped earrings.

My latest pair of earrings, just listed, is one of those pairs of earrings. Having been doing some mixed metal bangles recently i have ended up with offcuts of both sterling silver and of 14k gold fill wire. I decided to form loops in each end of the wires, place several of these lengths together side by side, in a descending pattern, and then wrap the bundle up with some of my off cut half round wire. So that was how I made great use of some offcuts to form my Gold and Silver Mixed Metal Wrap Earrings.

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Caitlin said...

Those are really beautiful


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