Jun 26, 2011

Sunday Theme - Grey/Gray

Spelt grey by the English and gray by Americans, grey is a neutral colour covering in fact any shade on the spectrum between black and white. The first recorded use of grey as a colour name in the English language was in AD700. 

In a moral sense grey is either used to describe situations that have no clear moral value or to balance an all-black or all-white view. In folklore grey is often associated with goblins. The colour grey is also often associated with ageing or with the passing of time.

I love the colour grey as I believe it always seems so stylish and elegant and of course it goes so well with so many other colours.

Here is one of my pieces in shades of grey, my Laboradite and Sterling Silver Necklace - of course the laboradite, although predominantly a grey hue, does also show flashes of electric blue.

Here are some more great pieces using the colour grey - from the Jet team:

and some more from members of the BrisStyle team:


Caitlin said...

Is it possible that grey can be a favorite "color"? Haha, I love everything about it!

SendingLoveGallery said...

I love the softness of gray...beautiful jewelry here!

Beadsme said...

I love your selections.

Sandrine said...

Oh I did not realise that there were few spelling options :) Beautiful selection and thank you soo much for including my little grey beret to your list today!
Sandrine x

Michele said...

I like the color grey, lovely featured items!!!

Crystal Impressions said...

very pretty choices...


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