Apr 18, 2012

Magpie Gemstones Beading Buddy

I was lucky enough to score some free beads when I signed up to join Magpie Gemstones Beading Buddy list. So lucky in fact that I won some beads within two weeks of signing up. I received a gorgeous string of Aventurine Rondells as well as a large Magnesite Faux Jasper focal. 

The only criteria for going on the list to win some beads is that you must promise to write a blog post about winning - either about the beads themselves or about the jewelry that you made with them, and you must show a Beading Buddy badge on your blog or website - mine is now proudly displayed on the side of my blog. Well, I must confess that it took a while to come up with a design and make it but I got there eventually - and so here, as if you haven't already gathered, is my post about it.

I decided to add some Pyrite nuggets to the beads that I had won as these seemed a good match with the Aventurine. Whewn it came to displaying the focal I decided that I wanted to do something a little bit different rather than just coming up with a wired bail. I therefore used some sterling silver wire to create a spiral backdrop/frame to sit slightly behind the focal, pulled together below the focal with some of the Pyrite nuggets.

I then created two small circular links to sit either side of the necklace, with two lower chains then running from the links, one a chain of aventurine/pyrite links leading down to the focal, the other, a shorter chain of aventurine links. Finally I decided to oxidise the necklace.

So here it is - my Aventurine and Pyrite Necklace.

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