Aug 6, 2014

Chrysanthemum Chainmaille Tutorial

For those who like to "do it themselves" here is a tutorial for my Chrysanthemum Chainmaille Bracelet.


Per Chrysanthemum Flower       18g 6mm Jump Rings – 2

                                                       18g 5mm Jump Rings – 16

                                                       18g 3mm Jump Rings – 16

To Join Flowers                            18g 3mm Jump Rings – 10
Other                                              One Clasp

  1. Open 16 3mm rings and 16 5mm rings. Close 2 6mm jump rings. 
  2. Link the 2 6mm jump rings through one of the open 3mm rings and then close it. 
  3. Now continue to link the 3mm jump rings to the 2 6mm rings. 
  4. There are 16 3mm rings per flower and all need to be joined to the 2 6mm rings to form the inner core of the flower. Be aware that the last one or two will be a tight fit.
  5. Now take an open 5mm ring and place it through 2 of the 3mm rings in the inner core. 
  6. The next 5mm ring added should go through the 2nd of the two 3mm rings used for the 1st 5mm ring, being placed behind the 1st ring added and then also through the next ring in the circle. Each new 5mm ring added should go through the previously linked 3mm ring plus 1 new one. It should always sit behind the 5mm ring already in place.
  7. The last 5mm ring to add is the trickiest as it needs to go through the 2nd of the two 3mm rings just used, sitting behind the 5mm already added, but it also now needs to go through the 1st 3mm ring used at the beginning (Step No.7), and sit IN FRONT of the original 5mm ring added.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to make another 5 Chrysanthemum flowers.
  9. The Chrysanthemum units are joined together with 2 3mm rings. Take an open 3mm ring, put through one outer ring from one flower and one outer ring from another flower and close. Do the same with another 3mm ring making sure that you use the next outer rings around so that the two joined rings are next to each other.
  10. You now need to continue joining the flowers in the same way, ensuring that the petals (outer rings) that you use for the 2nd join are the exact opposite side of the flower to the rings you have already used. (There should be 6 rings between the joined rings). 
  11. Now add a clasp to each end and your bracelet is complete.

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