Aug 18, 2014

Lifestyle Expo Stall

Well unfortunately the picture isn't too good but this is a picture of the stall I had set up at the recent Women's Lifestyle Expo in Wellington. I only had limited space so I bought myself a shelf unit (actually sold as a portable wardrobe) that could easily be dismantled. This allowed me to display an additional six necklace busts to what I had on the table. For the table itself, I decided to do something a bit different and to actually keep the majority of my bracelets, bangles and pendants in their display trays. It actually made it possible for them to be displayed close together without looking too cluttered. I still had my iron "tree" on one side of the table and this is always good for displaying a selection of my necklaces, as well as the earring display on the other side of the table. Overall for quite a limited space I was quite please with how I managed to get my display looking.

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