Aug 3, 2014

Jasper Pendants!product/prd1/2467244481/red-poppy-jasper-and-sterling-pendant

One of the things I love about Jasper is the range and diversity that you can get with different types of Jasper looking completely different to each other.

Over the last couple of weeks I have listed three different Jasper and Sterling Silver pendants, all using different varieties of Jasper.!product/prd1/2508992271/jasper-and-sterling-silver-pendant

Two of the types of Jasper are named types, the Red Poppy and the Brown Zebra while the third type is not specifically named.

As you can see, while in these cases the colours may be similar, the markings on each of the stones is very different and distinct. The beauty of Jasper!!product/prd1/2574335161/brown-zebra-jasper-and-sterling-silver-pendant

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