Apr 25, 2011

Amethyst and Sterling Tear Drop Necklace

Even though for the most part I like to keep all my designs original and one offs, there are times when I have come up with a good design that I want to use again - or at least, use as the basis for a new design that is a variation to the original. This was what happened with this new necklace. I had previously had a tear drop design necklace featuring some laboradite, and then had a variation of that that still featured laboradite but this time included a cabochon focal.

This time I had some gorgeous checkerboard faceted Amethyst briolettes that I wanted to feature. The Amethysts slightly varied in size from one largest and so I set the largest at the front of the necklace and then slightly graduated the tear drop shaped frames working back. So this has allowed some slight variations form my original design, the stones, the number and the graduation. The chain is slightly different too, this time using S shaped links, finishing with an S shaped hook clasp. The S links allow for the chain to be worn slightly shorter if desired.

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