Apr 28, 2011

Blue Jade and Bali Silver Bangle

I decided I was getting short on my wired bangles so it was time to make a new one. Having purchased some 20g square wire a while ago this seemed the ideal opportunity to use some. Using 20g meant that the bangle would not seem as delicate as some of my bangles have so I wanted a slightly bolder design. 

I had some gorgeous beads of Jade dyed a lovely blue colour and fortunately, unlike a lot of gemstone beads, the holes on these beads were big enough to cope with the wire I wanted to use. I then decided it would look to accent each bead by encircling it with some Bali silver spacer beads that I had. Finally i used the outer core wires of the bangle to frame the beads.

So, the final product - my Blue Jade and Bali Silver Bangle.

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