Apr 20, 2011

White, Blue and Gold Lily Pendant

Lilies are one of my favourite flowers so you can imagine how delighted I was to discover this gorgeous fused glass cabochon in the store of one of my fellow JET team members Emotional Oasis. Actually truth be told it was originally set with a bail to use as a pendant but Emo kindly agreed to take the bale back off and refire to make a smooth cabochon.

Having got hold of the lovely cabochon I wanted to do it proud. Although blue is traditionally paired with silver I decided to go with the 14k gold wire to give a more luxurious feel to the pendant and also because I knew it would help to pick out the colours of the lily, with stamens. 

I then created a frame that would leave the cabochon looking as if it were suspended within the frame, twisting the central wires, and then using them to sweep across the top of the pendant.

So there you have it, the design story behind my White, Blue and Gold Lily Pendant.

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