Apr 18, 2011

Not a Spider in Sight!


As any one who knows me at all well will know, I hate spiders - so much so that I don't even like pretend ones! I do however appreciate the shape of their webs, and can even, when pushed, admit that they can look quite good outside with the morning dew on them. So, when coming up with my new design pendant, my remit to myself was a web with dew but no spiders.

Having learned to wrap two "spokes" of wire together when folowing a tutorial for making a cross, I figured the same principle should be able to be used for even more strands. The main difference that I bought to making this work was to hammer the centre of the wires flat so that they were more easily able to sit on top of each other. I used four pieces of wire to create the shape I wanted thus having eight ends to wrap together. I then built up the wraps from the centre thus creating the web shape.

For the last round of wrapping wire I added White Alabaster Swarovski Crystals, thereby creating my glistening dew on the outer edges of the web. Finanlly I wrapped a fresh water pearl to the centre of the web.

So, the final design, now available online, is my Sterling and Crystal Web Pendant.

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