Sep 5, 2011

Black Rutilated Quartz and Crystal Earrings

I was fascinated by rutilated quartz the first time I saw a picture of it. It was actually on a group buy and some others had purchased the stones. I was determined that at some time I had to get some for myself to work with. What fascinated me where the needle like strands of another colour, the 'rutile', interweaving themselves through the centre of the clear quartz.

Well, I finally purchased some black rutilated quartz briolettes. They have a faceted cut so not only do they show of the black strands within the stone but they also capture the light beautifully. I decided to team them with two colours of Swarovski crystal, some Jet to highlight the black rutile strands and some crystal satin. The briolettes are wrapped in sterling silver wire and the crystals have been set on hand forged balled head pins.  All stones are gathered together on jump rings and then suspended from hand forged ear wires.

So that is it - my Black Rutilated Quartz and Crystal Earrings - I hope that you too fall in love with these fascinating stones.

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