Sep 4, 2011

September Birthstone - Sapphire

The birthstone for September is the gorgeous precious stone Sapphire. Throughout history sapphire symbolises truth, sincerity and faithfulness in relationships, and to bring peace, joy, and wisdom to the owner and wearer. In the past the sapphire was also believed to be a talisman that would protect you against evil spirits and other unsavoury creatures of the night. The ancients regarded star sapphires as a powerful talisman protecting travellers and seekers.

While blue is the traditional and most popular sapphire colour, sapphires are actually found in a wide range of colours including pink, purple, yellow and green. Large sapphires are rare and often attract fame and myth. Some of the world's mot famous sapphires include the Star of India, the Logan Sapphire, the Midnight Star and the Star of India.

My Blue Sapphire and Sterling Earrings pictured above are my example of a piece of jewellery featuring this gorgeous gemstone.

Here is some more lovely sapphire jewellery from members of the Jet team:





DG Jewelry Designs said...

Beautiful sapphires.

Beadsme said...

Lovely selections.

capitalcitycrafts said...

Lovely finds, thanks for sharing!

LotusStone said...

I JUST ADORE YOUR SAPPHIRE EARRINGS. :) Thank you so much for this feature and for including me! It's a beautiful post.

Metalicious said...

Lovely selections for September babies! I'm honored to be included, thank you!!!


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