Jul 13, 2014

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Pendant

My Amazonite and Sterling Silver Pendant was one of the pendants that I initially made to stock the Handmade store over the Handmade expo weekend in Wellington. I am now in the process of gradually listing them online.

Amazonite, as you can see, is a gorgeous pale blue gemstone. For this pendant I have wire wrapped the pendant with square sterling silver wire, which has then also been used to form the bail for the pendant. 

One set of wires, with the central one twisted, have then been swept across the front of the pendant. The other set, again with the central wire twisted, have then been used to form coils to sit just below the bail.

While the basic wrapping of these stone follows a fairly set process, it is the finishing of the wires that produces the main variations, as will be seen as the various pendants get listed.


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