Jul 21, 2014


Having just taken a whole bunch of new pictures of some of my jewellery it's great to see how better defined some of my pieces now are in the new pictures. One piece for which this is especially noticeable is my Chrysocolla and Orbital Chainmaille Bracelet.

What I think can now be clearly seen in the new pictures are the orbiting rings. These are the rings that sit around the central chain. In chainmaille "orbiting jump rings", unlike the other jump rings making up a weave, are not actually connected to any other rings.  Rather they are held in place by the connections made between other rings.

As you can now clearly see with this bracelet, the inner chain is a simple 2 by 2 chain. The orbiting rings are then held in place at each join, where the two sets of rings of the inner chain connect. There are two orbiting rings at each join.

These orbiting rings give a really fluid feel to the bracelet that sits very smoothly on the wrist.

Of course the feature of my Chrysocolla and Orbital bracelet are the gorgeous Chrysocolla gemstone beads in their mixture of green and blue colours.


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