Jul 23, 2014

Chainmaille Giveaway

This month I am holding not one but TWO giveaway draws. The winners of each draw will receive one of my colourful chainmaille bracelets. The bracelets are also stretchy. Made with rubber and aluminium rings the bracelets are also incredibly light. I have a choice of several different bracelets in a variety of colours and the winners of the draws will get to choose the one that they want.

Both draws will be held on the 31st July.

So how do you enter into the draws?

Draw One

The first draw can be entered via my Facebook Page, Shazzabeth Creations. There is a post pinned to the top of the page about the draw. You will need to "like" my facebook page and then like/comment on the post about the draw.

Draw Two

The second draw will be held for all my newsletter subscribers. To subscribe to the newsletter you can fill in the below form:

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The newsletter subscription form can also be found on my website and on my facebook page.


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