Jul 27, 2014

Citrine and Topaz 14k Gold Motif Necklace

Sometimes I can find it really difficult to decide on the final design for a new piece of jewellery and that was certainly the case with my newly listed Citrine and Topaz Gold Motif Necklace.

The motifs themselves weren't the problem. These, each of which features a gorgeous emerald cut AAA+ Citrine were easy to decide on and to complete. They were made with 14k gold fill as I felt that the gold worked better with the pale golden yellow gemstones that silver would have done.

No, the motifs fully completed actually sat on my table for quite some time. The problem was with the chain.

I must have gone through my supply of gemstones and crystals several times trying to decide if any of them worked with the citrine. I also toyed with the idea of just hanging the motifs from a simple chain. However it just didn't look right when I tried it, a manufactured chain with a hand made motif just didn't work. I also toyed with the idea of making up a chain with simplified versions of the motifs without set stones.

Finally I settled on making up a chain with the gemstone topaz. Although not a perfect match colour wise with the citrine I felt that it still worked. The chain is therefore made up of topaz on gold fill links alternating with S links.

I hope you agree with my final decision.


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