Jan 31, 2010

Sunday Themes - Teardrops

My theme this week is "teardrop" - a popular shape with jewellery makers, and of course, this theme could just as easily be called rain drops.

The main piece I have that fits this theme is my Laboradite Teardrop Necklace.

Here are some more examples of the theme from the JET team

(L to R, Top to Bottom, designsbycher, ArtMadeByTammy, michon, beadifuldesigns)

and a few more pieces from the Down Under Street Team

(L to R, Top to Bottom, daxdesigns, realisationcreations, JensJewellery)

Jan 28, 2010

New Venture - PMC

Just under 2 weeks ago I did my first weekend workshop in PMC (Precious Metal Clay). The workshop was being run by the very talented Maggie Bergman. As someone who works primarily in silver with my chainmaille and wire work, this seemed the perfect add on.

The workshop was great fun, although never having worked with any sort of clay before it took a while to get the hang of it. What I loved though was the magic of it - torch firing a piece for 3 minutes and seeing it turn from clay to fine silver.

The only real disaster I had was with a ring I made. While I was sanding it in its dry clay form it broke!

Although not yet worked up into jewellery, here are the pieces I made at the workshop (that didn't break!)

Jan 26, 2010

Australia Day

26th January - Australia Day - is the day to celebrate all things Australia, a day when national pride is at its peak. For me its also the anniversary of becoming an Australian citizen - 7 years this year. So to all my fellow Aussies - Happy Australia Day!

Jan 25, 2010

Monday Feature

My feature this week is on Bob and Terry, the two very creative designers behind Jewelry24Seven. Bob is the only man in the JET team on Etsy and is also the great writer behind the Jet blog.

Bob and Terry have been in the jewelry business for 2 years and have been selling online since 1998. Their Etsy shop is a compliment to their own online web site. With Terry concentrating on earrings and bracelets made with silver wire, chains and beads, and Bob focusing on chains, pendants and rings made with wire, sheet, tube and gemstones they have turned their creativity into a very successful business with a wealth of stock to choose from - and believe me - you will be spoilt for choice.

As a sucker for opals I love the pieces they have created using these but I was also struck by their very original and top quality hair barrettes. With a whole store screaming quality and a wealth of items to choose from, Jewelry27Seven is well worth a visit!

Sunday Themes - Blue

I'm starting a new series, having a different theme each Sunday, and showcasing not just one of my items, but also some pieces from both my Jet team and my BrisStyle team.

This week the theme is blue - one of my favourite colours (I think the number of gemstone and other beads that I have in blue proves that!). I find blue such a cool, calming, refreshing colour.

One of my favourite items that I currently have in blue is my Amazonite Shapes Necklace.

Here is some more great blue jewellery from the Jet team

(Top to Bottom, L to R, silvercanyons, littlebugjewelry, ErikaPrice, abacusbeadcreations)

and some great items in blue for the BrisStyle team

(Top to Bottom, L to R, edwardandlily, HeyHarriet, LttleMaryMoo, SMboutique)

Jan 24, 2010

Honey and Gold

Another pair of Gold Fill earrings - very simple this time. I had some honey dyed Jade which I decided would be the perfect compliment to the gold. So I wire wrapped a couple of stones onto gold fill head pins and then suspended them from some hand forged gold fill ear wires.

Being so simple and light these earrings will be perfect for every day wear - my Honey Jade and Gold Earrings.

Jan 21, 2010

What an Exciting Day!

I woke up this morning to an email stating that one of my pieces had been included in the Etsy finds email and the corresponding Storque (Etsy Blog) article. The Etsy finds email was showcasing some of the great talent here down under!

Well, thanks to that article I've had an amazing day - some sales, countless new shop and product hearts - and even more excitingly, an invitation to be featured in a magazine! I won't go into any details about that at this stage - but be assured - I will share all with you when it happens!

So, the piece that was selected and that consequently brought on such an exciting day? My Pink Passions Pendant!

Jan 20, 2010

Venturing Into Goldfill

After a few years of making sterling silver jewellery I decided it was time to make my first foray into gold fill jewellery.

As you may or may not know, with gold fill, 12 or 14k gold is bonded to a central core, usually brass. The proportion is usually 1/20th or 5%. This cover of gold is so much thicker than with gold plate and so will not wear away. Gold fill is more expensive than sterling silver, but works out as a very good (and cheaper) alternative to solid gold.

I finally bought some gold fill wire, just 2 different gauges, with my last sterling order and have now completed my first piece of gold fill jewellery.

So, without further ado - my Gold and Tanzanite Tear Drop Earrings!

Jan 9, 2010

Sunday Market

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than browsing through a market full of handmade goodness.

I'll be at the Boutique Markets at Portside Wharf bright and early on Sunday morning, hope to see you there!

Friday Favourites

Jan 7, 2010

My Treasury on FP

I was very excited this morning when I woke up to discover my treasury had been selected for the front page of Etsy. This was the first time one of my treasuries had made the FP. The treasury featured a lovely selection of peach and cream items.

My latest treasury is "Lemons and Limes".

Jan 5, 2010

Filigree Onyx Pendant

I decided it try something a little different when wiring my latest Onyx pendant. The glossy black of the onyx is such a perfect backdrop for silver that I decided to take advantage of this and highlight some pattern with the silver wire as well as showcasing the stone. I therefore came up with a simple filigree design with the silver wire. This filigree is set against the black onyx thereby not only showcasing the wire pattern but also securing the onyx. So - my Filigree Onyx Pendant.

Jan 4, 2010

Monday Feature

Well, after a bit of an absence its time to start doing my Monday features again. I'm starting off the new year with a feature on some fellow BrisStyle members, Bec and Jade of Wheres Becky Bean.

Bec and Jade, two sisters, are both stay at home mums who have a passion for both sewing and for bags. They have a strong commitment to ethical consumption, and carry this belief through their design and construction process as they create their bags.

Each of Bec and Jade's bags is made from a large component of sustainable materials, including reclaimed textiles, vintage linens, trim, buttons and even men's ties. They also support local designers who create new fabrics using environmentally friendly processes, such as using organic cottons and linens, and hemp fabrics, and doing hand screenprints using environmentally friendly solvent free inks.

WheresBeckyBean has a lovely range of bags, from their latest range using recycled coffee sacks, to their earlier reversible handbags, to some great market totes, theres something for everyone.

Jan 3, 2010

Garnet - Birthstone for January

The gemstone Garnet is the official birthstone for January. It is also the stone for the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Garnet may also be given as a gem on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary.

Jan 2, 2010

New Year!

Well, no doubt in common with many of you, December was a crazy month for me, and consequently I have seriously fallen behind with my blogging - but today is a new year - so


First things first, thanks you to all of you who entered my December giveaway for a destash selection of beads, jewellery findings and my Geometric Bracelet Tutorial - and the winner is Jolynn_Reads - Congratulations!

The tutorial won by Jolynn is available for just $5 in my Etsy store: Geometric Squares Bracelet Tutorial. A couple of the made up bracelets are also available:


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