Feb 22, 2010

Monday Feature

With the next BrisStyle market fast approaching my features for this and next week will be on a couple of BrisStylers who will have stalls at the market.

My feature this week therefore is Katie of Miss Kitty Boo Boo. A mum with two young kids, Katie started sewing seriously a few years ago although her talent extends beyond just sewing as can be seen by the eclectic selection of hand made items in her store.

Everything Katie sells is handmade and usually one of a kind. She likes to be able to provide people with some cool alternatives to the mass generated supplies of stuff out there.

Katie makes all sorts of stuff from Gothic and Punk, 50s, 60s and 70s clothing, costumes, alternative baby and kids clothing...and more!

So pay a visit to her shop as well as explore her own on-line site - you won't be disappointed!

Feb 21, 2010

Sunday Theme - Pink

Although not a colour I wear too often myself, pink is a lovely colour for making jewellery in and is always very popular. Pink speaks of femininity, of delicacy and of beauty. Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.

I have a great variety of pieces in pink in my store - here are just a couple:

Here are some more examples of pink jewellery from the JETs

(L to R, Top to Bottom, FuschiaBloomStudio, LivnGoodJewelry, CSerpent, CoolJewelryJR)

and some pink items from the BrisStyle team

(L to R, Top to Bottom, HotFudge, Wimcee, KishPhotography, Jellygnite)

Star Earrings

Now listed in my Etsy store are my Star Earrings. I made two star shape charms using pmc. These then have Swarovski crystals in Sky Blue Opal sitting in front of them, both then being suspended on fine silver ear wires.

Feb 19, 2010

Lost Without It

My computer that is - I've been sans computer for the last week hence no posts! Turns out the problem was with my monitor - it was dead! Anyway, I've got a new monitor - much bigger than my previous one so I'm all set to go again. - So watch this space!

Feb 9, 2010

PMC Jewellery

Well I have now uploaded the first two pieces of jewellery I have made with my pmc pieces into my store.

The first is my Burgundy Ripple Necklace and incorporates my tubular pendant. For this piece I have created a chainmaille chain using the inverted round weave. The chain is built up around a string of burgundy coloured Swarovski crystals. The crystals then continue into the pendant and can be seen dangling from the end of the pendant.

The second piece is my Jelly Fish Pendant - so named because that's what it reminded me of. I have wired some small Swarovski crystals around the outside of the filigree pendant. The crystals are in shades of violet, tanzanite and amethyst. Some larger Swarovski crystals in the lush purple velvet colour are then suspended inside the pendant and dangle from the bottom of the pendant.

Feb 2, 2010

PMC - Going Solo

The weekend after taking my first PMC workshop I went solo for the first time. Setting up all my equipment around me I set out to make my first PMC pieces at home.

I was determined I was going to make a ring and make up for my ring disaster at the workshop. I also made a few charms to be used for earrings (already made up) and a couple of pendant pieces. I made all the pieces on the first day, left them to dry overnight, and then sanded and fired them the next day.

For my first time out going solo I was pretty pleased with the results!

Feb 1, 2010

Monday Feature

My feature this week is a member of the BrisStyle team on Etsy, Catherine of Made By Maisie.

Working in a corporate job by day, at night Catherine can be found drawing and stitching in her craft room.

When you visit Catherine's store you will find a gorgeous selection of handmade dolls each with their individual style - and name! On the of chance that you can't find something to suit Catherine is also happy to do custom orders.

So stop by and acquaint yourself with the lovely dolls at Made By Maisie.


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