Mar 30, 2011

A Misty Morning

Its always fun to be able to create a collection or treasury - looking for those items that fit your theme. Its also a great way to discover new designers. Here is my latest Artfire collection.

Mar 27, 2011

Sunday Theme - Black

My theme this week is the colour Black. Black is the colour of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. Black can be seen as the colour of authority and seriousness, and in Japanese culture is a symbol of nobility, age and experience.

In Western fashion black is considered stylish, elegant, sexy and powerful. The colloquialism "X is the new black" is a reference to the latest trend or fad, on the basis that black is always fashionable.

With several gemstones in the colour black it is not difficult to make black jewellery. One of my own favourite pieces is my Midnight Dreaming Necklace.

Some other examples of black can be seen from both the Jet and the BrisStyle Teams:




Mar 25, 2011

Better Late than Never

In co-ordinating my stock lists with my online listings I realised that there was a necklace that I had made quite some time ago that I had never gotten round to photographing and listing - so last weekend I finally took the photos and it is now up in my stores.

When I designed this necklace I was thinking school formals and proms. The main colour is pink, in two different shades - alabaster pink and fuchsia. The necklace is all about sparkle incorporating long drops of Swarovski crystals suspended from a sterling silver chain. Dangling in between each crystal drop is another sterling chain. The crystal drops alternate between alabaster pink, fuchsia and silver shade, with each of the silver shade crystal drops ending with a tear drop shaped crystal.

So here, finally, is my Pink and Fuchsia Crystal Drops Necklace:

Mar 20, 2011

Sunday Theme - Flowers

Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers, in their many colours and varieties, are the reproduction signs of nature but, because of their beauty,  they mean so much more. Many flowers have important symbolic meanings such as red roses being a symbol of love, or daisies a symbol of innocence. Used within art flowers are often seen as a symbol of femininity. Flowers have inspired poets and artists alike with many famous works being of or about them.

Flowers are also popular with crafters and are frequently used in many types of pieces.

My current favourite piece that uses flowers as its main motif is my Blue Kyanite and Gold Flower Necklace.


Some other examples of hand crafted creations using flowers are below: 

From the Jetteam



and from the Brisstyle Team



Mar 19, 2011

Zig Zag Gold and Silver Chainmaille Bracelet

I wanted to create a new chainmaille bracelet that had some shaping to it down the sides. I therefore decided to use the Japanese 12 in 2 style weave which is so versatile you can practically shape it however you want.

I then decided I wanted to use some spare gold fill rings that I had as the mixed metal look is proving to be quite popular.

I therefore used the sterling silver rings to create a zig zag shape around and between a central core of the gold fill rings, this then gave both the shape and the mixed metals.

Mar 18, 2011

Friday Favourites

My New Artfire Collection


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