Apr 26, 2010

BrisStyle in the Pink

With the brand new BrisStyle Twilight Market coming up this Friday the excitement is rising with everyone trying to ensure that not only do they have their products ready but also that they have their lights ready!

I therefore thought this would be a great time to create a BrisStyle treasury featuring a selection of items from some of our great variety of crafters and designers. So here it is - BrisStyle in the Pink!

Apr 25, 2010

Designs by Victoria

Victoria, a fellow jet, makes a variety of both jewelry and other artful creations. Her jewelry seems to cover the two opposite ends of the spectrum, from her Victorian inspired jewelry at one end to her Steampunk style jewelry at the other. Victoria also makes the most gorgeous parasols!

Apr 18, 2010

Sunday Themes - Midnight

My theme this week is Midnight. A popular theme for books and movies it speaks of a dark time of the night and is also known as the bewitching hour.

My piece that fits within in this theme is my Sterling silver and Onyx Necklace - Midnight Dreaming.

Here are some other examples of jewellery with this theme from my fellow JET team members:

Silver and Gold Zig Zag Bangle

The idea for this bangle came to me while I was creating my opal necklace. I could see that a zig zag pattern was forming while I was wire wrapping one of the links for the necklace. Although I had used this style of wrapping before, I had never done so with so many wires, and so the pattern hadn't been so obvious.

Anyway, having decided to make the zig zag pattern the main focal of a piece, I thought it would be good to have the contrast and so immediately decided it would look great combining the two colours of silver and gold together.

The bangle is therefore made with base wires in sterling silver and the wrapping (zig zag) wire in 14k gold fill. Finishing off the bangle with a built in clasp makes it very easy to open and close.

So - My Silver and Gold Zig Zag Bangle!

Apr 10, 2010

Lotus Stone Jewelry

Kristen, of Lotus Stone Jewelry is a jewelry artist living in Tucson AZ. She specialises in affordable sterling silver and gemstone jewelry and finds great pleasure in creating beautiful and practical jewelry that can be worn every day.

With Kristen's use of simple soldered designs and soft colours there is a gorgeous selection of jewelry at Lotus Stone that will appeal to your feminine side.

Apr 5, 2010

Diamond Chainmaille Necklace & Earrings

One of the PMC pieces I had made was a diamond shape pendant. Almost from the beginning I had determined that this was going to be a pendant on a chainmaille necklace. One of the weaves that lends itself well to making diamond shapes is the Euro 4 in 1. So I decided to make two smaller chainmaille diamonds to hang on either side of the pmc diamond. I then decided to make the chain sideways so that the flow of the weave was across the chain (top to bottom) rather than down the length of the chain.

So, after cutting all the sterling rings that I needed I completed my Sterling Silver Diamond Chainmaille Necklace, and then made a pair of Diamond Chainmaille Earrings to match.

Apr 4, 2010

Sunday Themes - Crystal Quartz

The birthstone for April is Diamond - however, since there are not many jewelry designers who can actually afford to work with diamonds I've decided to go for the next best thing - Crystal Quartz. A natural gemstone, Crystal Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz, is the purest form of Quartz and is colourless and transparent.

Here are some gorgeous examples of Crystal Quartz used in jewelry - all pieces by members of the JET team.

Apr 3, 2010

Fuschia Bloom Studio

Another fellow Jet, Rebeccah describes her store Fuschia Bloom Studio as Jewelry with a twist. From her unique range of metal work necklaces to her delicate white bridal jewelry to her enormous ranges of beaded and metalwork earrings Fuschia Bloom has something for everyone.


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