Nov 7, 2011

Crystal Filled Sterling Viking Bracelet

Having previously completed a "filled" viking chain bracelet as part of a Beading Forum Challenge, using supplied glass beads, I wanted to revisit the idea of filling a viking chain, only this time using the sort of materials that I usually work with, in this case Swarovski Crystals.

The key difference between this viking chain and the other viking chains that I normally do is that this time I had to work in a 'single knit' weave, as opposed to my normal 'double knit', in order to create a lacy enough effect that the beads could be seen to sparkle through. 

I had a supply of 2.5mm round Swarovski crystals which I felt would be perfect for this sort of design. Unfortunately, on my first attempt, the holes in the weave ended up too big for the crystals and they just fell through them. That chain is still sitting uncompleted with my materials. Introducing more 'stitches' into each round gave me the desired effect and my 2nd chain was just right. 

I therefore fastened one end securely, filled the chain with as many crystals as I could, initially trialling with blue but finally settling on hyacinth, and then fastened the other end before fitting each end with some lovely petal shaped bead caps. The bracelet was then completed with a round silver star dust magnetic clasp.

So here then is the finished design, my Crystal Filled Sterling Viking Bracelet.

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