Nov 27, 2011

Sunday Theme - Summer

With December 1st, the official start of Summer here in Australia, just a few days away, this seemed the perfect theme for this week.

Summer is the warmest of the four seasons where the days are at their longest and the nights their shortest. It is the season that signifies the long school holidays, days at the beach, and down here in Australia, absolutely sweltering weather. Here in Queensland Summer also signifies the wet season, and of course, who could forget the floods that resulted from that last year.

Of course, here in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer also means Christmas, some thing that still doesn't seem quite right to me even after living here for 11 years.

Here is one of my pieces that means Summer to me - my Hydrangea and Silver Bangle:

Here are some more Summer inspired items from members of the BrisStyle team:

1 comment:

Hey Harriet said...

What a great theme! Gosh it's not even summer quite yet & I'm sweltering. It's going to be an extra hot one I think! Thank you so much Sharon for featuring my photo amongst such lovely summery finds!


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