Nov 15, 2011

A to Z of Gemstones - A is for Amazonite

Its time to start a new A to Z series, and this time I am going to feature gemstones, one per letter, lets see how many letters I manage to complete this time!

Amazonite is a beautiful blue/green gemstone named after the Amazon River in Brazil, although no deposits have actually been found there. In terms of properties Amazonite is a gemstone variety of green microcline, a feldspar mineral. Often cut as a cabochon, a good quality Amazonite can be mistaken for Jade. Amazonite is a fairly soft stone that can be scratched by other stones so good care should always be taken of it.

The colour of Amazonite can vary from green, to yellow-green, to blue-green. The colour distribution is generally irregular and some stones can exhibit fine white streaks.

The most important deposits of Amazonite are found in Colorado, however Amazonite can also be found in Brazil, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia and Zimbabwe.

Romantics claim that the beautiful greens of the Amazon jungle are reflected in the stone that bears its name. A Brazilian legend tells that the Amazons, a legendary group of female warriors, gave green stones to the men who visited them. Amazonite is said to calm ones emotions and soothe nerves, and to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself.

Here is one of my pieces made with Amazonite, my Amazonite Shapes Necklace:

and here is some more beautiful Amazonite jewellery from some embers of the Jet Team:


Charis said...

Great informative post.

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Fantastic jewelry!

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