Sep 25, 2009

Finally Got it Right - Laboradite Teardrop Necklace

You may remember I posted a week or so ago about a piece I was making that just was not coming together - well, I finally managed to finish it!

Having already made a Laboradite tear drop necklace, one that sold rather quickly, with a set of even sized drops, I wanted to expand the idea to make a similar necklace, but this time with a wired laboradite cab focal. Well, the focal came together without too much problem. I decided to go with a prong setting and just had to finish the top so that it could be linked into a necklace rather than be a pendant hanging on a chain. Some silver beads were used to add some embellishment.

Ironically, since I had done these before, where I ran into problems was creating the extra teardrops with laboradite briolettes. I just couldn't get a uniform shape and size. In the end I completely discarded the first ones and started again from scratch. Fortunately the second lot worked!

I then completed the rest of the chain using S links.

So finally - my Laboradite Teardrop Necklace - watch out for it to be listed in my store.

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